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Vex 3 Online Game Play Unblocked


Vex 3 Online Game Play Unblocked

Vex 3 Online Game. Try to evade traps as you run, jump, slide and swim your way through 10 standard levels, plus 9 extra, more challenging levels. Vex 3 Game is both challenging and addictive. Many online players play globally on a daily basis. Please enable flash player to play this awesome Platform game.

Vex 3 Online Game Play Unblocked Review


Play Vex 3 Online
Vex 3 Awesome Game

Vex 3 Online How To Play


Once you obtain perfect or gold ranking on any act, you’re able to play that act in Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is really a version of this action where getting killed is more prominent. Only the best Vex players will probably be battle acts. To input challenge mode, as opposed to pressing down to input a single act, press the space bar instead. Have lots of fun playing Vex 3 game online.!

The video above consists of a walk through, please watch it and learn how to play.

lease note: This is the new html5 version.

Vex 3 Mobile Version



Vex 3 is a remarkably popular html 5 web action game. It is possible to play with Vex 3 on line on your own desktop at no cost. All you will need is a pc or cell phone with internet joined.
In the present review though, we are going to be talking about the cell variation of Vex 3, here is the Android version. Download now.

You can also play the game here on your mobile device or tablet. Ios or Android.

In this section, i will share great features and which platform you play the Game on. You can play On Android, IOS , And also web Browser Though Flash player needs to be enabled to allow online game play. Read below for the Game Features.

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Jump from the side to scale up walls. Play fresh acts by standing on their act block and pressing on the down arrow key.
  • Purple cubes are feeble in order that they are going to collapse in the event that you step in it.
  • Orange blocks are super bouncy and so are great if you would like to jump high into the atmosphere!
  • The game contains many checkpoints, so you could always start from the hottest one when you die.
  • Vex 3 More Great features:
    ★ Platform game levels and level map
    ★ Cool moves and booster blocks
    ★ Smooth and clean graphics
    ★ Lots of challenging levels
    ★ Fun sound effects
    ★ Checkpoints to mark progress

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