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Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online

Doodle Jump Game Online Play
Doodle Jump Game Online Free Play & Mobile

Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online

Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online

Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online

Watch the YouTube video below to get some tips and tricks to the game.

Game Instructions:

How To Play Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online.
To play Doodle Jump, the aim is to guide a four-legged creature named the Doodler upwards on a unending collection of platforms without falling back down. You have to move the creature from side to side via the arrow keys in the desired direction. There are also creatures that the Doodler has to take out by hopping on to them to eliminate them. You’re able to aim your missiles by tapping on distinct areas of the game play area, so as to send a laser from the direction of your own finger or mouse click. There is no actual end to the game, however the end for every player happens once you fall (by reaching the bottom of the screen), jump into a monster, then get sucked in to a black hole, or abducted by a UFO. The brand new updated form of the game enables players to select from different versions of the game (Normal, Halloween, Christmas, Rain Forest, Underwater, Space, Ninja, Pirate, Snow or even world cup) without changing their own names. Also recently included with the most recent upgrade was that the Easter version, which is played by going into the name “rabbit” for the name. Alternatively, you may place the names of just one of many pocket god pygmies for the own name, because the Doodler will become one.Doodle Jump Game Online

Doodle Jump Unblocked Game Play Online


This is a really cool game that i recommended you play. This Game is now html5 compatible which means there is no need for flash player to be installed on your device. You can play the game in your browser on your PC, laptop, tablet, Android, or your IOS devices. Try to get an idea for the game play from my descriptions above. Always enjoy our games here at mgt10.com. You can download the game for your mobile devices by clicking the images below.

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Doodle Jump Game Unblocked Online
Doodle Jump Game Online

Great game really this is incredibly awesome, play it free and enjoy. Want to play more online games? Check below.

There are a several obstacles the Doodler must avoid in the game:

Monsters — you will find seven unique types of monsters that the player has to shoot at, jump on the top of, or avoid in order to not be knocked down and sent into the “game over” screen.

The Terrifier – that creature goes around the screen, and must be shot 5 times to become killed; nevertheless it’ll still perish with a single jump.

UFOs — UFOs abduct the Doodler when it jumps underneath them, the brace position has to be taken in order to finish the game. These can be shot or jumped on to be expunged. The UFOs could be different items in different themes.

Broken Platforms- The doodler will collapse through them and will instantly fall down. However, the Doodler may land on yet another platform and keep game play with. But if they do not they will simply fall off the monitor and also lose.

Dark Hole- The doodler is going to be sucked in to the blackhole if jumped on.

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