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PUBG, the online battles game that sweeps mobile


Having access to a highly fun and quality video game is not exclusive to those who own consoles. Today, the cellular industry has advanced so much that it offers users the possibility to enjoy games that have nothing to envy to platforms such as PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc. A clear example is “Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds” (PUBG), a title that is available for PC and Xbox One, but also for iOS and Android operating system mobiles.

It is an online battle shooter (shooting game) based on the Battle Royal style, which is becoming increasingly popular. Developed by Bluehole in 2017, Tencent Games was commissioned to take it to the mobile platform in March of this year. And with just a few months of releases has become the mobile game with more downloads in more than 100 countries. To date, according to the signature Sensor Tower, it has already been downloaded 50 million times.

What is it about?

The Battle Royale is played between a large number of individual players and a number of small squads. In the case of PUBG, each game supports 100 connected users and you can hire game app development service, either in teams of four, in pairs or alone, all with a single goal: to be the last player or last team standing. To achieve this, there will be no choice but to eliminate all other opponents.

The game starts when we parachute to a huge island, along with the other 99 adversaries. We all start on equal terms, that is, with absolutely nothing. Once on the ground, we must rush to look for weapons and other items – such as bandages, first aid kit, clothing and even vehicles – that will serve us in the course of our adventure, and which we will find exploring the terrain.

All this we will do as the map shrinks more and more, which will force us to leave the shelters and run into other opponents. If we stay outside the safe area (the area that is shrinking) we will die.

How do you play on the phone?

There two modes of play: classic and arcade. The latter is similar to the classic mode, but with only 28 online players and a much smaller map, although to access we will have to be at level 10 or higher.

Playing PUBG from your cell phone is a fascinating immersion experience. All our senses are focused on eliminating opponents, taking weapons and other items and preventing them from killing us. The good thing is that we will only compete with opponents who also play on a mobile platform, therefore the fight will be on equal terms.

This last point is quite important. One of the criticisms that are made to other titles of the same genre, is that being multiplatform and admitting PC players, consoles and mobiles at the same time, they present many disadvantages. It is not the same to play from a TV screen with conditioned controls than to do it from a smartphone.

Play with your friends

One of the funniest options PUBG, as mentioned lines above, it is to play in teams of up four. These teams can be formed randomly with any player that is connected or also armed inviting our friends. In addition, it will be possible to converse with everyone by activating the microphone.

Cost and requirements

Best of all is that the game is free for mobile. Although the system allows us to make purchases, these are not obligatory nor are they indispensable to become really good.

As for the hardware, our team will need to have at least 2GB of RAM and 1.5GB in average free space in its memory. If we attend to your operating system, on Apple phones we will need at least version 9.0 of iOS and in Android terminals, we must have at least version 5.1 of the Google system. In my experience, I tried the game on an iPhone 6 and a Galaxy J7 with excellent results.

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