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Free Download GTA San Andreas APK


Almost all of us have heard of GTA games, and we know those are some of the most rated games of all the time. Now you can free download GTA San Andreas APK and enjoy playing this amazing game that rockstar brings to us.

GTA San Andreas APK Description:

If you are a fan of gangster games where you have to create your crew and fight against other gangster groups, then this game is a perfect choice for you. Your character in the game is called CJ and he is a gangster who just came to San Andreas to overcome the stress in his city. During this time he will meet new gangsters and create a group with them to accomplish different missions that will be given.

As we mentioned above, GTA San Andreas apk is a game with gangster bands where you have to complete some missions. These missions are of different types, such as drug dealing, organized crimes, and a lot more. You have to complete each of them to continue to the next one. You can also play the game with a Bluetooth controller to make it easier.

In GTA San Andreas apk you can also play for fun if you do not want to make missions. With that being said, you can steal cars and drive in highways, or steal a train and have fun inside the railroad. You can also fight with strangers and get their money to buy new houses, villas or mansions. If you want to have a fun night, you can go to the night clubs and enjoy your time staying with different girls. You can also have a girlfriend and hangout with her in different places such as bowling, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. So it is all up to you, you can either create your gangster crew to complete the missions, or you can just play for fun.

Instructions to Install GTA San Andreas APK

  1. Make sure, you turned off all the internet connections.
  2. Now you have to extract obb zip file to the following folder sdcard/Android/obb. Or if you do not see an obb folder, simply create one inside sdcard/Android and name it “obb”.
  3. Finally you can open the game.



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